Stuck in Financial Problems, Rohimah Will Sell House, Kiwil Even Claims To Be Burdened With Complaints From Children and Ex-Wife

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Kiwil’s ex-wife Rohimah seems to have experienced economic difficulties since her divorce. According to Rohimah’s confession, Kiwil seems to have adopted the fate of their children. The comedian is said to have abandoned his four children.

Rohimah’s eldest son was forced to become a motorcycle taxi driver because he could no longer expect shipments from his father. On the other hand, Rohimah has made a big decision for the survival of her children.

Rohimah intends to sell her house with Kiwil. Not for material reasons, he also admitted that he wanted to erase his bad memory with Kiwil.

“I actually sold the house before I divorced Bang Kiwil, I had a plan to sell it. But at that time there was still a relationship with Bang Kiwil, so I was still holding on,” he said, quoted from YouTube Indosiar.

Not wanting to be entangled in bad memories for her divorce from Kiwil, Rohimah couldn’t help but sell her house.

“Actually dear, very dear. That house was really full of tears when I built it, but yes, I said earlier that it was better for me to move from there. The important thing is that I don’t remember my story with Bang Kiwil in that house anymore,” he said.

“There are so many, the house is full of memories, I joke with Bang Kiwil with the children, I cry with Bang Kiwil and the children. But rather than that the house makes it difficult for me to move on from Bang Kiwil, I’d better sell it.” he continued.

Reporting from TribunJatim, Kiwil admitted that he felt very burdened by the attitude of his ex and his son.

Kiwil even revealed the number of their complaints to the point of causing problems with their cellphones.

“If there are complaints from exes and children, all of my cellphones are slow to read,” said Kiwil.

“So many complaints, so many complaints. Until I want what else. Yes, just accept it,” he concluded.


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