Super Serious For Her Debut, BLACKPINK’s Lisa To Get This Wound! | Kpop Chart

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The amazing song and stunning music video of BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s debut song, ‘LALISA’, has won a lot of praise. However, there is a difficult process behind this success.

In Lisa’s latest interview with Woody Show, the BLACKPINK member discussed many things, from her longing to return to Thailand to preparations for her solo debut.

Lisa admitted that she even got bruises on her arm while doing a photoshoot for one of her solo debuts with the album ‘LALISA’, which showed Lisa hanging from an iron chain.

Producing extraordinary results, the maknae from BLACKPINK reaped various achievements, both through songs and music videos.

Meanwhile, the Woody Show also became the first interview program that Lisa attended using the Thai language. (1NEWS)

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