Syahrini’s striking style becomes the subject of gossip again, Reino Barack is allegedly pressured by his wife’s attitude?

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Syahrini's striking style becomes the subject of gossip again, Reino Barack is allegedly pressured by his wife's attitude?

Syahrini and Reino Barack (Instagram/princessyahrini)

Syahrini and Reino Barack spent their leisure time playing monopoly. Not only the two of them, they play with friends. On that occasion, Syahrini’s sister and manager, Aisyahrani, also enlivened the atmosphere.

In one of the videos shared by the gossip account @lambee.pedes on Sunday (12/9), Syahrini looked happy while playing monopoly while Reino Barack was seen standing not far from his wife. There was an energetic sound of songs that made the atmosphere even more exciting.

But in fact, Syahrini and Reino’s relaxed moment did not escape cynical comments from netizens. Some netizens turned out to be sarcastic about Syahrini’s excited and striking style who wore sunglasses while doing indoor activities. Not only that, Reino was even quipped under pressure to pretend to be happy beside Syahrini.

Wear glasses? Wkwkwk I swear it’s just the style at home but not really,” commented a netizen.

Just at home wearing glasses, the item is healthy???” continued another netizen.

Very tacky, in the house he wears item glasses, His life is too complicated, it looks like he doesn’t laugh from the heart, Tasteless,” added another netizen.

Why do you have to wear glasses? I’m the tricky one,” said another netizen.

The boy is depressed. Trying to be cool,” added another netizen.

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From the style of brothers and sisters, they look happy that they are forced! It’s obvious, because the content has to be cheerful and happy like it doesn’t have a burden, but in fact it looks like it’s obviously forced,” commented another.


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