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newsbali/ist/Tabanan Leave 1 Red Zone Village.

Tabanan Regency only leaves one village with a red zone status for the spread of Covid-19, namely Banjar Anyar Village, Kediri District.
The high mobility of the community and the heterogeneous majority of the population make Banjar Anyar Village still a red zone status. For other villages, the orange zone is in seven villages.

As for the yellow zone, there are 78 villages and 47 villages are in the green zone. The Head of Banjar Anyar Village, I Made Budiana, explained that most of the people in his village work outside the area such as Badung and Denpasar. So it is possible that they were exposed outside the area, and brought them to a house in the Banjar Anyar village area.

“So our obstacle is that the mobility of the community is very high, as well as the heterogeneous population, to monitor it is a little difficult,” he explained, Monday (13/9).

Including one of the triggers for the high number of cases, namely the public’s apathy towards the dangers and prevention of Covid-19, namely a sense of distrust that Covid-19 really exists and a sense of confidence that he will not be able to contract Covid-19.

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