Taqi Malik’s father accused of perverted sex, Salmafina Sunan alludes to God’s power

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Taqi Malik's father accused of perverted sex, Salmafina Sunan alludes to God's power

Salmafina. (Instagram/salmafinasunan)

Salmafina Sunan experienced the bitterness of divorce at a young age. Salma was also briefly highlighted for removing her hijab and changing religions after her divorce from Taqy Malik.

But after deciding to change beliefs, Salma became a positive figure. When her ex-in-law, Mansyardin Malik, was accused by Siri’s wife, Marlina, of forcing deviant sex, Salma revealed a wise message.

Salma reminisces about the pain she had to go through. Previously, Salma had been humiliated and looked down upon. But thanks to God’s power, Salma was able to rise from adversity.

God is the reason I got to this point. The process is difficult, sick, humiliated, blamed, underestimated,” he wrote in English.

Sometimes anger is also the same as situations and conditions. But my Lord is a Just God.” he continued.

Salma also had time to upload praise to God. Currently, Salma is closing in on her past and focusing on the present and the future.

Not only Salma, Sunan Kalijaga’s father also refused to be associated with the problem of the former besan, Mansyardin. But if it happened, Sunan also regretted it.

Honestly, I am very sorry and I am very grateful that myself and my family are no longer related or related, said Sunan.

This is purely a legal case, please don’t have anything to do with me or Salma because this is purely a case that has nothing to do with us.” continued Salmafina’s father.

Even so, Sunan was quite surprised when he first heard the news. He had revealed the true nature of Taqy’s father when he was still a besan.

Very surprising, said Sunan.

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He is a pious and religious father, a figure who has succeeded in educating his son. It’s very surprising, it makes me feel like I can’t believe it, but we legal people see the facts” he concluded.


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