Taqy Malik’s father denies committing sexual deviance to Marlina – Latest Celeb News

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Mansyardin Malik, Taqy Malik’s father, finally spoke about the sexual violence that was alleged by Marlina. Through Halim Darmawan, his attorney, he denied all the accusations made against him.

In fact, Mansyardin Malik pointed out that Marlina had lied when she told the slanted accusations against her.

“There is no sexual deviation. She (Marlina Oktoria) is lying,” said Halim Darmawan when contacted by reporters, Monday (13/9).

Taqy Malik’s father is a respected religious figure and it is impossible for his client to do what Marlina has accused him of. In fact, Mansyardin Malik suspected that Marlina wanted to be on television through false accusations and attacked Taqy Malik’s father.

“It was just a bluff. She (Marlina Oktoria) wants to appear on television again,” concluded Halim Darmawan.

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