Taqy Malik’s father denies having anal sex with Marlina

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1NEWS, Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, is suspected of having sexual relations that are forbidden by religion, such as anal sex.

Taqy Malik’s father also denied the accusations made by Marlina, his wife who claimed to be forced to have anal sex. Mansyardin Malik, through his attorney, vehemently denied the allegation.

“Oh, that’s not true (the allegation of sexual deviation). No, it’s a lie,” said Halim Darmawan, Mansyardin Malik’s attorney to the media crew, Monday (13/9/2021).

In responding to allegations related to anal sex, Mansyardin Malik admitted to living a normal life like a married couple.

Moreover, as a religious figure, Taqy Malik’s father admitted that it was impossible to have anal sex which was clearly forbidden. Even if the marriage is done in a serial or religiously legalized manner.

“Yes, Abi’s defense, just live a normal normal life, then he is also a religious figure. He also married religiously, right,” he said.

He also reiterated that his client did not commit sexual deviations.

“There is no sexual deviation,” he explained.

However, in this case, Mansyardin Malik feels that his reputation has been harmed. However, he said, Taqy Malik’s father had no plans to take legal action regarding this news.

“Not yet, we will see in the future (reporting Marlina or not),” added Halim Darmawan.

Previously reported, a woman named Marlina appeared claiming to have been married to Mansyardin Malik for two months.

The 34-year-old woman claimed that she was forced to have sexual relations that were forbidden by religion, causing injuries.

“There was damage from our client’s post-mortem results. There was very significant damage on the back, up to stage 4,” said Marlina’s attorney, Eri Kartanegara in the Senopati area, South Jakarta, Sunday (12/9/2021).

Marlina admitted that she only found out about the deviation experienced by Mansyardin in the second week of his serial marriage. At that time, she was forced to serve her husband even though she was menstruating.

“I already said I don’t want to, he said it’s okay. He said in religion, some scholars allow and forbid, but he forced it on me,” said Marlina.[]


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