Taqy Malik’s Father Uncovers Marlina Oktoria’s Identity | 1NEWS

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Sexual deviance is hilarious, Taqy Malik’s father reveals his domestic life

Dream – Mansyardin Malik, the father of Taqy Malik, was accused by his wife, Marlina, of committing sexual misconduct. By inviting sex when the wife is menstruating.

Regarding such accusations, Mansyardin’s lawyer, Halim Darmawan, strongly denied.

“No, no (true), yes (Mansyardin denies), that’s a lie,” Halim said when contacted, Monday, September 13, 2021.

He revealed that Taqy’s father lived a normal household. There is no sexual deviation as alleged by Marlina.

“Yes, Abi’s defense, just live a normal normal life, then he is also a religious figure. He also married religiously, right,” he added.

Previously, Marlina opened up about her bed life with Taqy Malik’s father. He admitted that he was always forced to have sex even when his period came.

“I already said I don’t want to, he said it’s okay. He said that in religion, some scholars allow and forbid it, but he forced it on me,” said Marlina in the Senopati area, South Jakarta, Sunday, September 12, 2021.

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