TC Indonesia U-18 National Team Third Stage Held, Shin Tae-yong Calls 36 Players | 1NEWS

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PSSI again held the third stage of the U-18 Indonesia National Team training camp starting Monday (13/9/2021). This activity was carried out to fulfill the wishes of coach Shin Tae-yong who was not satisfied with the quality of the players at the previous stage of TC.

The third stage of the Indonesian U-18 national team training camp was attended by 36 players. They come from the club and Asprov PSSI. This activity will be held until September 18, 2021 at the Madya Stadium, Jakarta.

Coach Shin Tae-yong hoped that the players who took part in the third stage of the Indonesian National Team TC could appear enthusiastic and show maximum ability. The hope is that they can open up opportunities to penetrate the Red and White squad.

“I hope that the players in the third stage of the U-18 National Team TC can show their abilities to the maximum. So far, I’ve seen a lot of good talent. But keep in mind, players must have good posture, physically and mentally, “said Shin Tae-yong.

Shin Tae-yong has monitored 108 young players for the Indonesia U-18 national team squad. The South Korean coach is believed to have not found the quality of players he wanted.

The coach will choose the best players to prepare for the U-20 World Cup which will be held in 2023. Shin Tae-yong still has plenty of time to form the Indonesian U-18 national team squad.

PSSI General Chair, Mochamad Iriawan, hoped that the players who were called to the third stage of the U-18 Indonesian National Team TC could give their best performances. It must be done to be able to penetrate the Red and White squad.

Iriawan also advised that the training camp this time be held while still upholding the discipline of health protocols. As is known, the situation in Indonesia is still not conducive from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Starting today, the third stage of TC will continue until September 11. I hope the players show their best game and always work hard during TC,” said Iriawan.

Player List
1. Then Muhammad Rizki – Asifa Academy

2. Bagas Pratama – PPOP DKI

3. Guard Noriesca Antasena – Bhayangkara FC

4. I Gede Aditya July Antara – Persis Solo

5. Adre Arido – Bina Taruna

6. Ibn Mubarak –

7. Roki – SKO Ragunan

8. Genta Jaya Pramana – Vamos

9. Muhammad Adril – Asprov Central Sulawesi

10. Bintang Arrahim – Independent cadets

11. Ferre Murrari – Bhayangkara FC

12. Muhammad Farhan Ibrahim – Arema FC

13. Fikri Arjidan – PPLP North Sumatra

14. Muhammad Iksan Lestaluhu – Asprov Maluku

15. Richo Han Saputra – Asprov Lampung

16. Dzar Ghipari Makalalag – Asprov North Sulawesi

17. M Khakim Al Mukhasibi – Bhayangkara FC

18. Muhammad Rival – SKO West Sumatra

19. M Yasir Abdul Majid – Asprov West Java

20. Sakti Ari Seva – Asprov East Kalimantan

21. Heriansyah Yan – Asprov South Sulawesi

22. Sandika Pratama – Asprov Riau

23. Ilham Marajabessy – North Maluku Asprov

24. Hugo Samir – Bhayangkara FC

25. Indra Arya – Persijap Jepara

26. Reihan Addar Quthni – Persija Jakarta

27. Mendosa Risqi – Asprov East Kalimantan

28. M Alessandro – Asprov North Sumatra

29. Ridwan Ansori – Persib Bandung

30. Faris Fadilla Lubis – Vamos

31. Abdul Aziz – Persis Solo

32. Muhammad Faiz Maulana – Bina Taruna

33. Hokky Caraka Bintang – PSS Sleman

34. Wahyu Agung Drajat Mulyono – Persis Solo

35. Marcelino Timothy Sianturi – Asprov North Sulawesi

36. Ricky Pratama – PSM Makassar


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