The Big Impact of Peaches After Overthrowing the Star-studded Team Borneo FC | 1NEWS

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Joko Susilo said that Persik Kediri’s 1-0 victory over Borneo FC in the second week of the Liga 1 competition at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, Friday (10/09/21), had a very big effect.

As is known, since the beginning Persik has set a target of 3 points against Borneo FC.

Reasonable optimism, even though the victory from Adi Eko Jayanto’s single goal in the 79th minute was not an easy struggle.

“The effect is huge, of course. Because with a win, we can increase our confidence again in the future, “said Joko Susilo in a virtual press conference after the match.

The victory over Borneo FC also dampened all the turmoil that was circulating widely.

Such as the issue of the exclusion of foreign players, which emerged because of their minimal contribution when they were defeated by Bali United 0-1 last Friday (27/08/21).

“These three points also restore the management’s confidence in our team. As well as the public and supporters,” continued the AFC Pro licensed Persik Kediri coach.

Behind the heroic victory, Joko Susilo also deserves to appreciate his team’s strong mental match against Borneo FC, a team that has a number of young and quality foreign players.

Insecure attitude, managed to be pushed aside by Septian Bagaskara et al for 90 minutes on the field. Although visible, the depth of the Persik squad is still below the Pesut Etam Team.

“I am also very sure that the boys are not inferior to other teams. Both preparation, physical and mental, are the same,” he explained.

Whatever it is, the victory over Borneo can make the White Tiger team sleep better. They are currently in 7th place in the Liga 1 standings with 3 points from 2 matches.


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