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What would happen if from the sea appeared a light? This is a phenomenon that occurs in Indonesia and creates an uproar on social media. This furore stems from an account on Twitter that shared an image showing a cluster of lights in the Indonesian ocean. Of course this begs the question, where did the light come from and is this something that is commonplace and nothing to worry about?

To answer these questions, let’s first discuss how this phenomenon can become a scene and the explanations that we summarize from various sources. Read more.

The beginning of the excitement of the glowing sea phenomenon in Indonesia

Milky sea in the sea south of Java [sumber gambar]

It is the Twitter account of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) from the United States, who discovered this glowing ocean phenomenon. In a tweet, a study led by their partner CIRA found that NOAA’s JPSS Program satellite detected an extraordinary nocturnal phenomenon called milky sea.

Milky sea, a natural phenomenon that is considered mysterious

Milky sea illustration [sumber gambar]

Phenomenon milky sea This discovery was found in the southern sea of ​​the island of Java or the Indian Ocean, this is not a new thing. Reporting from BBC Earth, in 1864, Captain Raphael Semmes had discovered a similar phenomenon. He described it as a patch of water that glowed with shocking light. This phenomenon is considered mysterious even by the crew of the ship, it is associated with sea monsters and mermaids.

Often considered scary, it turns out that it comes from bacteria

Appearance of bioluminescent bacteria [sumber gambar]

In the 1800s, this phenomenon was ascribed to something as evil as a sea monster. After researching, milky sea estimated to come from bioluminescence bacteria that number in the trillions in seawater. It was Steven Miller, senior research scientist at Colorado State University, who obtained the first satellite image milky sea, discovered by the steamer Lima while sailing off the coast of Somalia. When it was estimated milky sea recorded via satellite measuring about 15,000 sq km.

It’s not the first time, it’s often found in the Indian Ocean

Milky sea illustration [sumber gambar]

Phenomenon milky sea which was widely discussed some time ago, is not the first time this has happened in Indonesia. It is said that this phenomenon is most often caught in the northwest of the Indian Ocean and the Maritime Continent. They vary in size, but are more than 100,000 sq km and can last for weeks. Especially in the waters south of Java, it also happened in 2019. At that time, the milky sea occurred during two full moon cycles, namely in July and August.

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Even though it’s known that milky sea ​​comes from bioluminescence bacteria, but until now this phenomenon remains a mystery. Even Steven Miller mentioned that milky sea is still a mystery to be solved. He and his research team were able to detect their existence but there is no real evidence of how and why they formed.

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