The Weird Reason Ruben Dias broke up with his lover

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“In a relationship since 2018, Dias left Ivy when he was again, unfortunately.”

1NEWS – Fans were quick to notice Ruben Dias after deleting all traces of his ex-girlfriend, April Ivy, from social media. While the singer has not deleted his photo as a couple.

Portuguese news publication FLASH! reports that the former Benfica player prefers to remain silent on social media. Meanwhile Ivy likes to reveal everything.

The media can explain a little that there is a more private lifestyle of the footballer which contrasts with the life of the artist who is more passionate and public about everything he does. This is what is said to be the cause of the breakdown of their relationship.

A source close to the two said that they separated in July 2021 or shortly after their vacation together in Greece. However, neither Dias nor Ivy have commented on the breakup.

Though, Dias and Ivy started dating at the end of 2018. Ivy has also moved with him in Manchester after joining Man City. While at the same time, Ivy had to bet on her music career in London so that she had to commute to Manchester.

For music fans, Ivy is no stranger. Her real name is Mariana Goncalves. He is a singer and songwriter from Portugal who is best known for his songs such as “Be Ok” and “Tell Me Baby”. Ivy was born on July 10, 1999 in Lisbon.

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He released the song “Be Ok” in 2016 as a solo artist and was a huge success, reaching the top of the charts on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube as well as topping national radio playlists.

Shortly after, he signed with Universal Music France. The following year, the singer was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Portuguese Golden Globes. However, she lost to young actress Beatriz Frazao.

In July 2019, Ivy released her first album titled “Game of Love” which includes her first six singles as well as four new songs. Ivy has over 198,000 followers on Instagram. There, she tells fans about her daily life as well as her music.

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