This Cracker Seller Grandpa doesn’t want his merchandise to be bought at an expensive price, the reason is that it makes him touched – 1NEWS

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If most traders want their wares to sell well and generate high profits, it is different with this old cracker seller in Lampung. He did not allow his merchandise to be offered at high prices, but remained at normal prices.

At that time he was seen approaching an old man selling crackers around the roadside. The young man then asked the grandfather the price of crackers. Then he answered, a pack costs Rp. 2,500.

The owner of the video then offered it at a price of Rp. 10,000 per pack. However, the offer was apparently rejected by the grandfather and still chuckled at the normal price. The young man was persistent and even offered a higher price, which was Rp. 20,000 and was still refused.

After running out of power, the young man finally decided to buy up all of Grandpa’s crackers and then Grandpa allowed it. He rushed to calculate the total price of crackers and gave a price of Rp. 175 thousand. After the deal, the young man immediately gave his grandfather some Rp100 thousand bills.

Grandfather who looked stooped instantly smiled broadly and repeatedly thanked the young man who had bought the crackers.

The young man also looks happy and prays for his grandfather to stay healthy and then tells him to go home. Suddenly the video reaped many positive comments from TikTok residents.

“Extraordinary. This grandpa sells to survive without asking others for mercy,” wrote one TikTok resident.

“I often meet this grandfather, he usually prays at the Al Abror mosque near Chandra Karang,” said another netizen.

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