This woman abuses and abuses her biological mother

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The Malang City Resort Police (Polresta) has arrested a woman with the initials FA, 24. She is suspected of molesting her 60-year-old biological mother.

Kasatreskrim Polresta Malang City AKP Azi Pratas Guspitu said that the persecution carried out by the FA around the Mergan Market in Malang City was because the mother was annoyed that her mother did not defend the FA when her brother-in-law was beaten some time ago.

“This perpetrator is the biological child of the mother with the initials N who was abused. The perpetrator was annoyed because his mother did not defend the FA when his brother hit him,” Azi said as quoted by Antara in Malang City, Monday 2021.

Azi explained that the FA was secured by the Malang City Police after the video of the abuse of his mother spread on social media on Friday 2021. However, the mother did not report the violence committed by the child to the police.

Last week, a 51-second video circulated of a mother who was taking shelter and was caught on camera being abused by a woman beside her. The incident occurred near Mergan Market, Malang City. The FA perpetrator suddenly hit the mother on the head from behind, and several times squeezed the face and scratched the mother’s hand. The mother did not give a reply for what the child did.

“From the video we saw, we immediately checked the crime scene, then we followed up. We’ll look into it later, because his parents don’t demand it,” said Azi.

Azi explained that the perpetrators of FA have been living with their mother and are the children who take care of N. Both of them live at the Pondok Orphanage Foundation and Duafa Al Muqqoroban, in Blimbing District, Malang City.

“Both of them still live in the same house, because his mother only hopes that this FA can take care of him,” said Azi.

Meanwhile, the FA said that he was upset with his mother for not defending him when he was abused by his brother-in-law named Doni. The FA has also reported the incident to the Lawang Police, Malang Regency.

“I was not defended when I was beaten in my own house to a pulp by my brother-in-law,” said the FA.

FA was charged with Article 44 of Law No. 23 of 2004 on the Elimination of Domestic Violence, with a maximum prison sentence of four months.


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