Tightened Budget Allocation of Regional Civil Servants Salaries in APBD | 1NEWS

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The Minister of Finance reported that there are still many challenges in managing regional expenditures so that they can be productive and on target. With the HKPD Bill, it is hoped that it will encourage efforts to strengthen regional spending starting from the planning, management, to supervision stages.

The form of strengthening can be done through performance-based, integrated and sustainable regional budgeting, simplification and synchronization of regional priority programs with national priorities.

Another effort is to increase spending efficiency through the application of price standards, operational expenditures and regional performance allowances and analysis of spending standards. This arrangement is shown so that regional expenditures are more focused and efficient and their utilization is maximized.

Meanwhile, to strengthen regional spending discipline, it is carried out by regulating expenditure allocations by prioritizing regional expenditures for public services, fulfilling the minimum portion of certain types of mandatory expenditures, both mandated by law, optimizing the use of performance-based Silpa for regional expenditures.

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