Tragically, the wife only took 76 thousand in her husband’s wallet, instead it was bombarded

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Because she took her husband’s money in your wallet for Rp. 76 thousand, a wife in Talau Village, Pangkalan Kuras District, was beaten badly by her husband. As a result, the victim suffered facial bleeding.

photo illustration.

Informed by Paur Pelalawan, Public Relations of the Regional Police, Brigadier Sangat Firmansyah, Friday (03/2017), this case of domestic violence (KDRT) happened to MSP (26).

The victim reported her husband, BM (28), who works as a plantation employee, for committing acts of violence, to the Pangkalan Kuras Police.

“On Thursday, around 6:40 the victim took Rp 76 thousand from her husband’s wallet,

Then he added, while the perpetrator came angry and unpacked the victim’s wardrobe and threw away all household utensils such as pots, glasses, bags and kicked the door.
“The perpetrator chased the victim and hit the victim in the face causing the victim and his left eye to bleed. Then the perpetrator left the victim,” he explained.

It is very revealing that previously unknown perpetrators often used violent beatings against victims.

“The actions of the perpetrators of her husband, the victim did not accept and reported it to the Pangkalan Kuras Police,” he explained.

Furthermore, Very revealed that after receiving the report, at around 16.30 WIB which was located in front of the Village office of PT Musim Mas Estate II Batang Kulim, the Resintel Base Unit Drainage Police led by Aiptu Andrinaldi immediately arrested the perpetrator.

“This time the perpetrators have been detained by the Pangkalan Kuras police for further investigation,” said Paur PR.

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