Trembling, Fadli Zon is outspoken: Otherwise, then…

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1NEWS – Gerindra Party politician, Fadli Zon admitted he was concerned about the national poultry sector.

Because, according to him, the price of feed and selling meat and eggs rose simultaneously.

“The poultry sector is like falling on a ladder, even dying,” said Fadli Zon who is also the General Chair of HKTI to 1NEWS, Monday (13/9/2021).

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He revealed that every day the farmers lose money.

“For eggs it’s not even down anymore but see, he said.

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Furthermore, he also highlighted the selling price of eggs which is getting worse.

Because, he said, the price of corn, which is the largest component of chicken feed, has reached Rp. 6 thousand per kilogram.

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The price of corn has increased by more than Rp. 1,500 per kilogram from Rp. 4,500.

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