Up in arms! A Student Using Fake Vaccination Certificate, Threatened With 6 Years in Prison

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Warganet was shocked by the behavior of a student and teenager. The reason, the two people have used fake vaccination certificates. The news spread widely and went viral on social media.

Based on the information gathered, the Palangka Raya Police arrested two people on suspicion of using fake COVID-19 vaccination certificates. Both were detected while crossing the PPKM blocking post in Taruna-Kalampangan Village, Jalan Mahir Mahar Km 23.

The Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for Palangka Raya Police, Kompol Todoan Agung Gultom, said that the two people arrested had the initials MP (25), who was a student in the local city, and a teenager with the initials SFH (16).

“The MP is subject to Article 263 Paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code or 268 Paragraph (2) with a threat of 6 years in prison, while the underage suspect is charged with the ITE Law. The threat is 12 years in prison,” Gultom said as quoted by Antara. quoted by Indozone, Friday (10/9/2021).

He explained that the disclosure of the forgery case of digital COVID-19 vaccination certificates began when MP was arrested on Tuesday (7/9) at around 20.00 WIB at the PPKM isolation post in Taruna Village-Klampangan.

MP’s forgery was revealed when crossing from Pulang Pisau District when officers at the isolation post checked the certificate. It turned out that the data that appeared did not match his identity.

After discovering these facts, members of the police who handle the matter immediately develop and find out where the perpetrators got the certificate.

“After it was developed, we arrested the SFH in Palangka Raya because the person concerned worked daily at one of the sticker printers,” he said.

On the other hand, this has also reaped the comments of netizens on social media. Especially the owner of the Instagram account, @er_kopites, who wrote,

“Let’s insult and berate him so that his sentence can be reduced, because 12 or 6 years is too long,” he wrote.


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