Who is the best defender in the world? Here’s Ferdinand’s Answer

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“An answer that could infuriate Manchester City fans.”

1NEWS – Former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand has selected the three best centre-backs in world football today. His choice could cause controversy in the City of Manchester.

Ferdinand did not name any of the best defenders owned by MU’s city rivals, namely Manchester City.

During an interview with Red Devils star Donny van de Beek on his Vibe With FIVE podcast, Ferdinand was asked if he feels that Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk is the best centre-back in football at the moment?

Ferdinand did not fully credit Van Dijk for his performances over the last few seasons. This assumption was seen when Ferdinand brought several other competitors into his opinion, such as entering the names of Rafael Varane and Sergio Ramos as Ferdinand’s choice.

“When he is fit, over the last few years he (Van Dijk) has been the right person. At that time I was 42 years old. He has had the biggest impact on the team, certainly in terms of centre-backs, probably over the last three years.

“Varane, I would say, is up there. Him and Varane, (Sergio) Ramos in previous years. They are top players,” he said.

10 Photos of Anna Lewandowska, Wife of Robert Lewandowski Black Belt Holder Karate

“Consistency and ability to win. Varane is unmatched by Ramos in terms of wins, but with his performances over the last three years. While Van Dijk is extraordinary,” said Ferdinand.

“In terms of signing, Raphael Varane for Manchester United. He is what I asked for for the last three or four years, or five years.”

However, one of the players absent from Ferdinand’s choice is Man City defender Ruben Dias. The 24-year-old has been a standout performer for Pep Guardiola’s men since his move from Benfica in September, and lifted the Premier League trophy in his first season at the Etihad.

When asked to explain Dias’ omission, Ferdinand pointed out that the Portugal international would have to play at the highest level long enough to be considered equal to Van Dijk, Rafael Varane and Sergio Ramos.

“(Ruben) Dias is great, but he only played last season. I’m talking about consistency over the years. Those guys may be separated at the moment,” said Ferdinand.

In this case, as a senior player who has a lot of experience as a defender, Ferdinand is entitled to his opinion. However, you may be wondering how many Man City fans would support Dias’ swap with Ramos this season if they had the chance.

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