Wow, PDIP Politicians Say There’s Nothing Special About Gibran

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1NEWS – Former DKI Governor Djarot Saiful Hidayat emphasized that PDIP had never given special privileges to Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuming, even though he was President Jokowi’s son.

“PDIP has never considered Mas Gibran to have privileges, all are equal,” said Djarot at the DPR Complex, Jakarta, Monday (13/9).

This member of the DPR from the DPR faction said that Gibran also followed the career path in PDIP just like the others. Namely, through the party school process in preparing candidate leaders.

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“For the party school he (Gibran) is also participating, we will also continue to evaluate it, so everyone gets the same treatment, no privileges,” said the Megawati loyalist.

Regarding Gibran’s chances of advancing to a higher level, as has been the case lately to fight in the DKI Jakarta Pilkada in 2024, Djarot chose to answer diplomatically.

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“In 2024, I make sure that the PDIP has a lot of stock that can be submitted in the Pilkada, but it’s not being discussed now,” he concluded.

Previously, Djarot asked Gibran to focus and be responsible as Mayor of Solo.

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“As for me, my suggestion is that Mas Gibran should focus on completing his assignment in Solo, don’t think about going to Jakarta or Central Java,” said Djarot.

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