5 Portraits of Past and Present D’Academy Champions, Lesti Changed Drastically | 1NEWS

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Dreams – The D’Academy dangdut singing talent search event is one of the public’s favorite shows. The show that is broadcast every night is always eagerly awaited, especially if the hero has already appeared.

From this event emerged dangdut singers who have melodious voices. Even some of them are packing their careers into the world of acting or as presenters.

Until finally their existence increasingly exist in the world of entertainment in the country and reportedly is always eagerly awaited by fans. Not only that, their appearance at the beginning of participating in the event, which has been successful until now, has also changed drastically. Many of the fans praised their performance and even increased the number followers them on Instagram.

Want to know how the appearance of the past and present D’Academy champions has changed? The following has been summarized by Dream via Brilio.net.

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