After the BIN website was hacked, now thousands of Chinese ships have entered the Indonesian seas to disturb national ships

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The Maritime Security Agency (Bakamla) revealed that there were around thousands of ships belonging to Vietnam and China that entered the waters of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), precisely in Natuna, near the South China Sea. These ships are considered to be interfering with the mining activities of the National ship.

The Main Secretary of the Maritime Security Agency, Laksda S. Irawan, explained that the findings were based on Bakamla’s radar monitoring.

“If we look at radar monitoring or monitoring from our Puskodal, so far in the overlapping area there are still 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Vietnamese ships, radar monitoring, including Chinese coast guard ships,” said Irawan in a joint hearing with Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) at the parliament complex, Jakarta, Monday (13/9/2021).

“Once you see it with the naked eye or direct aerial observations, it even reaches hundreds, maybe thousands of ships that are there,” he continued.

On that occasion, Irawan also mentioned that there were hundreds or thousands of Chinese and Vietnamese ships entering Indonesian waters in North Natuna.

Strangely, he said, the ships belonging to foreign countries were not detected by RI’s radar.

Bakamla knows it all through eye contact thanks to patrols carried out around the North Natuna waters near the South China Sea.

“Even the Chinese coast guard ships are still disturbing or overshadowing the work of the Indonesian-flagged noble rig below” [Kementerian] ESDM,” said Irawan.

So far, Irawan said Bakamla has a limited fleet to guard Indonesian waters. Patrols can also be carried out thanks to borrowing from the TNI. One of them is a plane.

“We are working with Kogabwilhan, especially the North Natuna region, we are going to Kogabwilhan I and the Indonesian Air Force for us to carry out air monitoring cooperation,” he said.

Irawan then asked for the support of the DPR, especially Commission I, so that Bakamla could better carry out the task of supervising Indonesian waters.

He also explained that Bakamla only had 10 ships. The ships have not been able to fully operate even though the water conditions around the South China Sea and North Natuna are still very dynamic.

“We have to be aware of this together. From this RDP, hopefully there will be a decision, a way out, assistance from Commission I for our sovereignty cannot be trampled on by them,” he added.

BIN and Ministry sites allegedly hacked by Chinese hackers

Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate raised his voice about Chinese hackers allegedly successfully breaking into 10 websites of Indonesian government ministries and institutions, one of which was the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

According to him, matters relating to cyber attacks are handled directly by the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN).

“Those related to cyber attacks should go to cyber bodies,” said Plate briefly when contacted by Suara (Hops Network).

Furthermore, his party will help according to the main tasks and functions of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics.

“Kominfo will always help according to the main task of Kominfo,” he added.

Previously, it was reported that Chinese hackers had penetrated the internal network of ten Indonesian government ministries and institutions, including (BIN).

The intrusion was discovered by Insikt Group, Recorded Future’s threat research division.

They attribute this to Mustang Panda, a Chinese hacker known for cyber espionage targeting the Southeast Asian region.

Insikt researchers first discovered it in April this year, when they detected the PlugX malware command and control (C&C) server, operated by the Mustang Panda group, communicating with hosts on Indonesian government networks.

This communication was later traced back to at least March 2021. The point of intrusion and the method of delivery of the malware remain unclear.

Insikt Group researchers notified Indonesian authorities of the intrusion in June 2021 and then again in July of the same year.

Unfortunately, officials from Indonesia are said to have not provided feedback on the report.

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