Already 40 Years Old, Indra Bruggman Finally Reveals The Reason Why Not Married

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Marriage is a sacred thing for some people. Tying the ark of the household with a partner becomes a new point in one’s life. Because of this, many people are targeting themselves to get married at the right age. As we know, marriage really requires mental and also strong financial problems.

Although most people marry at the age of 24-27 years, there are some people who choose to remain single until they are quite mature. One of them is the famous artist Indra Bruggman. As we know, Indra is now 40 years old, so many people question the reason why Indra Bruggman never gets a mate and gets married.

Indra Bruggman reveals the reason why he is still not married even though he is 40 years old

Indra Bruggman is now 40 years old. With his mature age, many people and netizens are curious as to why this Tasikmalaya-born artist never got married. Responding to the many questions, Indra Bruggman finally answered the reason why he still hasn’t decided to get married in an interview on Melaney Ricardo’s YouTube channel.

In the conversation, Indra Bruggman said that he had not found the right person. According to him, physical is not the only factor that can bring people closer to their soul mate. Indra Bruggman wants to find a mate who has the same happiness as him. People think that physicality is one of the main factors in getting the right mate. But people forget that people’s happiness is not always the same.

“There are people who can get married quickly, even if it’s not too much” good looking people say, if I might be given a job that people really want but maybe in terms of my soul mate, I’m a little late,” explained Indra Bruggman.

Indra Bruggman denied that he did not want to get married. This Tasikmalaya-born artist even wants to have children from his future marriage

On the same occasion, Indra Bruggman also denied accusations from netizens that he did not want to get married. Deep down, Indra Bruggman wanted to get married soon. In fact, he really believes that humans should be married. It didn’t stop there, Indra Bruggman also hoped that he would have children from his future marriage. “Because I want someone to accompany me when I’m old. We raise a family, have children. I’m already in the concept of my mind, when I get married later I want to be like this, like this, like this. I want to have many children,” said Indra Bruggman.

Finally, Indra Bruggman said that everyone may have their own advantages. He may be awarded a charming face but about his mate he is late. Indra Bruggman also revealed the criteria for women who are his type. According to Indra, he wants to have a woman who can take care of herself and can become a woman partner eternal in life.


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