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Ariel Tatum

Ariel Tatum’s profile and religion, the beautiful artist almost committed suicide

Ariel Tatum is one artist who has expertise in acting. His latest film is titled Finished Tompi’s work managed to captivate the audience. In addition to being good at acting, the 24-year-old artist also has a beautiful face and a well-proportioned body. Not a few who make Ariel as role models young subjects. But who would have thought, Ariel had attempted suicide because of depression. So, what other interesting facts about Ariel Tatum? Check out the following reviews

Ariel Tatum’s profile and religion

Name: Ariel Princess Dance
Birthdate: November 8, 1996
Age: 24 years old
Profession: Artist, model, singer
Instagram: @arieltatum

Career journey

The daughter of the couple Rico Valentino Murry and Tatum Mathilda began to enter the world of entertainment in the country since she was 10 years old by becoming a child model. Since then, Ariel began to be a star of advertisements on national TV. In 2005, Ariel Tatum starred in the big screen musical drama entitled Ariel and the Heavenly King. He also starred in several other films such as Oh baby (2008) and Best-selling (2009).

Not only that, Ariel Tatum also often starred in soap operas aka Indonesian glass screens. Several soap opera titles played by Ariel is Eternal Forever, Cinderella Boy, What Is Love, Nikita, Rafika, He Is Not My Son, Love Rock Star, and The same love.

Source: Instagram Ariel Tatum

Ariel Tatum spreads its wings to the world of singing. In 2012, Ariel was trusted to collaborate with Ari Lasso to sing a song called Because I’ve been with you. Ariel herself has launched a single entitled Stealing in 2013. In 2016 he returned with his song entitled Without words.

Have you ever tried to commit suicide?

Behind it all, apparently Ariel Tatum has a bitter life experience. He once said he wanted to end his life because of depression. It all started when Ariel was 13 years old.

“When I was 13 years old, I first started. After that like a few times. So depression has episodes. So several times until two years ago it was still (depression). Yes, there have been several suicide attempts. I think the worst thing is the suicide attempt. Keep on hurting yourself. I don’t think it’s natural, because I wasn’t even aware of it,” said Ariel Tatum.

Ariel Tatum's ID Card, Photo: Instagram
Ariel Tatum’s ID Card, Photo: Instagram

Luckily, Ariel Tatum found a way out by meeting a psychologist and his mental health gradually recovered.

“Initially (meeting a psychologist) because in my opinion it was starting to become unnatural. It’s like I can’t sleep, it interferes with productivity, so I finally decided to seek professional help,” concluded Ariel Tatum.

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