At first I thought it was ridiculous when I mixed soap with sprites, but when I realized the benefits, many people joined in

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Soap can make the body clean and fresh. But in addition to cleaning the body, soap also has many benefits for our daily lives, you know!

As reported by, bar soap can also be used as a cupboard or drawer fragrance, making glasses dew-free and can also relieve itching due to insect bites. Then, there is one more benefit of soap that not many people know about.

First, prepare a bar of soap and a cutter. Then, slice the bar soap using a cutter. Then add about half a bottle of Sprite and a little water and stir until all the ingredients are well combined. Make sure that the soap slices are completely dissolved and well mixed.

Once well mixed, pour into a spray bottle and spray into places or items that are difficult to clean.

For example, water taps, window panes, mirrors and other household items. Just spray and simply wipe with a clean cloth, and all household appliances will be clean and shiny!


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