Ayu Ting Ting Calls Police Hatters For Bilqis’ Future – Latest Celeb News

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Swordsman Ayu Ting Ting once again revealed the reason why he reported his hatters @gundik_empang to the Polda Metro Jaya, because he had insulted his son, Bilqis Khumairah Razak.

Ayu Ting Ting hopes that such cases will not happen again in the future and also definitely wants to provide a deterrent effect for anyone who wants to try to insult his family.

“Definitely please (give a deterrent effect) in what I’m doing,” said Ayu Ting Ting after undergoing a further clarification examination at Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta, Tuesday (14/9).

The owner of the False Address hits also doesn’t want that when his child grows up, that kind of thing will have a bad effect on his only child.

“Because digital traces cannot be erased,” he explained.

Defending the family said Ayu Ting Ting is a natural thing. So he reported the matter to the police.

“I have to act as a parent to protect my child. I do this for the future of my son (Bilqis Khumairah Razak),” he concluded.

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