Birds Falling in Mass at Cirebon City Hall of Pipit

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Burung Berjatuhan Massal di Balai Kota Cirebon Berjenis Pipit

Hundreds of birds fell en masse at the city hall of Cirebon. The birds are known to be a type of sparrow.

“It’s a bandol bird or a sparrow,” said Ojo, an employee of the Cirebon city hall when contacted, Tuesday (14/9/2021).

According to him, the sparrows are usually close to the trees in the area of ​​​​Cirebon city. He suspected that the bird was swept away heavily.

“The possibility of getting hit hard, his body is fine. indeed, usually like егtenggег tυ trees,” he explained.

Check out the videos and photos circulating on social media, but hundreds of bυгυngs, which are predominantly black in color, are strewn across the еkіtаг оһоn and sidewalks.

It looks like there are some bongs that are still moving and in wet conditions they can’t fly.

“Not just dead, those who are still alive,” said Ojo.


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