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Unbelievable Vacation in Bali, Sonny Septian Invites His Two Children to Sunbathe

Dream – Sonny Septian shows vacation moments with his two children Queen Eijaz Slofa and King Faaz Arafiq which he uploaded to his Instagram account. In the photo, Sonny and his two children are wearing clothes like on the beach.

While sunbathing, the three of them put on glasses together to block out the sun.

But don’t get me wrong first, the sister of senior artist Elma Theana is not on vacation to another city or country. This father of two children turned out to be filling his vacation time at home and fantasized about traveling in Bali.

” Sunbathing, just think about it again in Bali.. This is what we do so we don’t get bored #??????????? How about you guys? Take a photo and tag it on our ig story, please,” wrote Sonny Septian, quoted by Dream from his Instagram account, Monday, March 30, 2020.

sonny septian© sonny septian

Sonny’s upload immediately invited netizens’ comments who saw it. Many netizens were actually excited to see Sonny with his two children.

Geessshhh, you guys.” write account @khayz_indah.

“Gemessssss, where’s your mommy?” write account @miz9aherlina.

“Bali to the house,” write account @silvia_wardhani.

“I actually don’t even sunbathe on the beach in Bali because the beach is closed,” write account @missniaa.

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