Bride Confuses Guests, Ride The Aisle Already Brings 3 Months Twin Babies

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This Malaysian couple’s wedding was similar to any other wedding reception. However, when the bride and groom entered the reception room and walked towards the aisle, the invited guests were confused.

Because, the bride and groom are holding their twins who are 3 months old. How could that be?

Their wedding video went viral after being uploaded on a TikTok account with the account name @Nreennaimaaa on Monday 13 September 2021.

The owner of the account is the bride, a woman from Malaysia named Nureen Naima. “Who like us gang?” Nureen wrote in the video caption.

He uploaded a collage of several photos taken from his wedding party. Nureen and her husband were seen wearing maroon wedding dresses.

When entering the location of the party, they carried their twin babies who were wearing pink clothes. The two babies were then placed on the bed provided near the wedding aisle.

Despite being a mother and father, Nureen and her husband still looked radiant on their wedding day. The couple continued to smile happily throughout the party.

Nureen, who did not expect the video to go viral, then gave a clarification. Apparently, she and her husband had a marriage contract in February 2020.

Shortly after, Nureen was declared pregnant in March. During the contract, Nureen and her husband were unable to hold a reception.

At that time the Malaysian government still imposed strict restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But Nureen still wants to hold a wedding reception.

In January 2021, Nureen was finally able to carry on with her plans to have a wedding. When the party was held, Nureen’s twins were already born and were 3 months old.

Nureen also said that her child was born prematurely. Nureen’s cute twins were born at 8 months pregnant.

The video uploaded by Nureen to this day has been watched 1.2 million times.

Many people think that Nureen’s children are lucky children because they have the opportunity to attend the wedding of their own father and mother.


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