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What are the benefits?

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If Dream Friends If you are looking for a treatment that can clear pores or reduce fine lines, stretch marks, skin texture changes, and hyperpigmentation, you can do microdermabrasion.

“Your skin will look smoother and more even,” said dr. Wechsler.

In addition, this treatment makes the skin bright and radiant because all the dead skin cells that cause dullness will be removed.

Microdermabrasion side effects

According to Halim, microdermabrasion can cause irritation, redness, and inflammation. Even so, all of this can be overcome and does not cause long-term effects. This procedure is generally safe for most people, but not for people with acne-prone skin.

“I’ve found that if you have active acne, this procedure can make your skin condition worse,” explains Wechsler.

If you want to do microdermabrasion, Wechsler recommends avoiding other treatments at the same time to prevent irritation.

“Before treatment, do not do peeling, microneedling, or laser. The skin should not be touched by other treatments for at least a week.”

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