Collaborating with Fintech to Build a Digital Bank Ecosystem

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beritabali/ist/Cooperate with Fintech to Build a Digital Bank Ecosystem.

BPR Lestari is increasingly digital and one of its digital strategies is to build an ecosystem, namely collaborating with existing fintechs.
Now BPR Lestari has signed a partnership with Investree as the institutional lender. In collaboration with Investree, BPR Lestari has prepared Rp10 billion to be distributed to MSMEs. The process of signing the cooperation took place offline at the BPR Lestari Teuku Umar Office, Denpasar, Monday (13/9).

“BPR Lestari Bali has received the “green light” to participate in the digital game. After building mobile banking and building a merchant ecosystem through Lestari Discount, we are now starting to collaborate with selected fintechs. This is the first step, one of many fintechs that we will partner with to form the BPR Lestari digital bank ecosystem,” said Alex P Chandra, Chairman of the Lestari Group, who is familiarly called APC.

Co-Founder & CEO of Investree Adrian Gunadi, said, since it first opened funding options for institutional lenders, Investree has never limited only institutions/companies from certain industries that can join, including for banks.

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