Dedi Mulyadi Amazed to See Cages Owned by a Mosque with a turnover of Rp. 70 million in one harvest | 1NEWS

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Turnover Up to IDR 70 Million

Turnover Up to IDR 70 Million© YouTube KANG DEDI MULYADI CHANNEL

Not only seeing the cages, Kang Dedi also took the time to chat with some of the residents who take care of the cages. Kang Dedi asked several questions about the income from the cages and what the proceeds were used for.

Unexpectedly, one of the residents said that the cages had produced a turnover of up to Rp. 70 million in one harvest.

Then who will the results be for? Kang Dedi asked the residents.

“To build a mosque, renovate it,” answered one resident.

“Oh for the mosque cash?,” said Kang Dedi.

“Yes,” answered the residents in unison.

“In a single harvest, it was Rp. 70 million,” asked Kang Dedi after receiving the information from residents.

Residents also said that the money was taken care of.

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