Denying Marlina’s accusations, Taqy Malik’s father dared to swear pocong: Dare me!

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Taqy Malik and Marlina's father.  Photo Source: Instagram

Taqy Malik’s father, Mansyardin Malik, finally opened his voice directly to straighten out various news circulating related to Marlina Oktoria. Mansyardin explained that Marlina had left the house since September 1 because of the disharmony in their relationship.

Then, Mansyardin returned to meet Marlina on September 6 in Depok to deliver Marlina’s remaining clothes. Because Marlina had asked for separation for a long time, Mansyardin finally decided to divorce Marlina right away.

“He left my house on the evening of September 1st. Then he took all his clothes. After that, we are no longer at home as of September 1,” he said during a press conference on Tuesday (14/09/21).

Mansyardin also said that Marlina had a material request that she could not fulfill.

“Yes, basically there are several requests from him, asking to pay for this and pay for that. I don’t have the capacity for that yet. We all have different abilities, don’t we?”

Taqy Malik and Marlina’s father. Photo Source: Instagram

Even so, Mansyardin claims that he has fulfilled the basic needs of Marlina and her three children. Marlina herself is said to have asked for Rp135 thousand per day for her child’s needs.

“(He said) 1 million per month? This is proof that the transfer is with me. He told me, the need for his children was Rp. 135 thousand per day. I have fulfilled that. I transfer every week. There is proof of the transfer with all of me… Sufficient, the problem of need is fulfilled.”

On the same occasion, Mansyardin denied the allegation that he had sexually deviated from Marlina. He also doubted the results of the post-mortem for damage to vital organs shown by Marlina.

“That’s what I said, it’s not true at all… what I’m a little confused about is that on the 12th he suddenly did a presscon at a cafe in south Jakarta.”

Taqy Malik and his father.  Photo: Instagram
Taqy Malik and his father. Photo: Instagram

Mansyardin also firmly stated that he dared to take the pocong oath to prove his statement.

“Dare us (pocong oath), dare me. I said this household problem, I really don’t want this to stick out. But because he always started from scratch, I tried to hold back from the beginning. But over time I saw this I had to talk.

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