Even though the income is only 5 thousand a day, Grandpa still struggles to take care of his paralyzed wife – 1NEWS

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Abah Daman (82 years old) Not stopping his limping steps to climb up to pick up coconut fronds in the garden. He collected two pieces to be used as broom sticks and then sold around. That was all he could do to get a mouthful of rice in the rest of his strength which was not as strong as before.

Abah can not relax in his old age. Because his wife has been paralyzed for 1 year. Like it or not, he has to take care of all his daily needs.

The frond which has become a broom stick was sold by Abah for Rp. 5000. Even then, it is rare for anyone to buy. Even though I’ve been around all day, it’s rare that anyone buys it. someone who bought one has become a blessing for father.

“Thank God someone bought one too. although one important thing is that you and ambu can eat,” Abah softly

Not infrequently abah and his wife who are paralyzed have to endure hunger. Can’t bear to see my father’s condition, sometimes neighbors like to help. But not every day there is help from neighbors so that grandfather does not eat all day.

The house occupied by father is far from decent. Even the condition where he lived was very dark because the source of lighting was very minimal, the walls and roof booths had leaked a lot and he had not been able to fix it.

How not at a very old age he still has to struggle to make a living, because now he only lives with his wife while his three children are married and his economy is not much different from his.

“I don’t want to bother the children, they are in the same condition as you. So, I hope that God will continue to give you good health,” Abah said

Help Donation: https://donationline.id/abahdaman

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