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Beritabali/ist/Gas Sellers in Karangasem Get Counterfeit Money During Transactions.

For those who often make cash transactions, such as in markets, stalls and other transactions using cash, they should be more vigilant and careful when receiving money.
This is because a resident from Amlapura City named Yobi Arya Sugata who works as a mobile LPG gas seller found money suspected of being counterfeit money when he received a payment from one of his customers in the Burdendem area, Karangasem on Monday (13/09/2021).

Sugata said that his suspicions began when he received the gas payment in the Rp.100 thousand denomination, when he observed the money he received looked different.

“Indeed, at first glance it looks the same, but when you look at it, it doesn’t appear like the same denominations in general,” said Sugata, Tuesday (14/09/2021).


To be more convincing, Sugata also had the opportunity to compare the money which was allegedly faked in the Rp.100 thousand denomination compared to the real money. The result, although at first glance looks similar, but if you look closely, you can see that the banknotes look different.

In addition, when seen, there is also no image of a hero. In fact, there is also a difference in the hologram.

His suspicions were then conveyed to the customer, where the customer who had paid the allegedly counterfeit money was also shocked.

To Sugata, the merchant concerned then remembered where he had previously transacted and got the money. From the merchant’s confession, it was said that he suspected that the money was obtained from his brother who was selling in the market.

Writer : Karangasem Contributor

Editors : I Komang Robby Patria

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