Get to know Taisei Marukawa, Persebaya’s foreign midfielder whom Captain Tsubasa idolizes | 1NEWS

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Midfielder Taisei Marukawa had an impressive debut match with Persebaya Surabaya. He appeared for 83 minutes when his team won 3-1 over Persikabo 1973 in the second week of BRI Liga 1 2021/2022, Saturday (11/9/2021) night.

The Japanese player contributed one assist for Jose Wilkson’s goal in the 41st minute. His action reaped praise, especially Persebaya fans.

The name Taisei Marukawa is still foreign to lovers of national football. Persebaya is the first Indonesian club he has played for in his career.

He started his career in his home country, Japan, by defending Hiroshima HS and Chuo University. After that, Marukawa recorded a career in Europe by defending two Maltese clubs, namely Senglea Athletic and Valetta.

Lastly, Taisei Marukawa is in the uniform of Noah Jurmala which is the highest caste club in Latvia. Marukawa had been a teammate of Jose Wilkson, who is now also in Persebaya uniform, during his career in Malta.

Jose Wilkson and Taisei Marukawa have played for the same Maltese club, namely Senglea Athletic. After that, Jose Wilson uniformed Hibernians FC, while Marukawa moved to Valetta.

That track record is believed to make Taisei Marukawa easy to adapt because he understands Wilkson’s style of play. In fact, they still need to adjust to Indonesia’s geographical conditions which are different from Malta, which incidentally is a European country.

Marukawa has great determination with his new club. The Japanese national player wants to bring Persebaya to become the champion of Liga 1 2021/2022. He is the key to the game with his role as the attack motor of the Bajul Ijo team.

“Obviously I want to win League 1. I want to score more than 10 goals. This city is very traditional, has a lot of fans. That’s the reason I chose this club,” said the 24-year-old.

The presence of Persebaya supporters, Bonek, made him have more motivation to give achievements. Indonesian football culture has also become a magnet for the Hiroshima-born player in his career.

“Here (Indonesia), football is a very popular sport. There are so many fanatical football fans. This country has hot weather, so I need to work hard. I believe I can do it,” said Taisei Marukawa.

“I know (Indonesia) has a lot of people. I love the weather here, because all seasons feel like summer. I love this country. I think the football culture in this country is one of the best,” added Marukawa.

The Hiroshima-born midfielder will wear the number 10 which has been considered an important number in a team. Player number 10 is usually a playmaker in charge of managing attacks and games.

Who would have thought, Taisei Marukawa was inspired by his home country football figure, Tsubasa Ozora. Almost all football lovers in the world know who that figure is.

“Yes, that’s why I chose number 10,” said Marukawa.

Tsubasa is a player who plays as an attacking midfielder. He started his career by participating in school level championships. Then, his career skyrocketed after bringing the junior Japanese national team to win the World Cup in France 1998.

Tsubasa then gain experience in Brazil before finally moving to Spain. His name was getting bigger when Japan hosted the 2002 World Cup with South Korea.

However, the name is only fictitious. Yes, Tsubasa is the main character in the comic titled Captain Tsubasa which was eventually made into an anime version and became the favorite spectacle of many children around the world.

Captain Tsubasa is said to be a fictional character who is quite influential for many football players. To the extent, the former Spanish national team striker, Fernando Torres, claimed to have the motivation to develop thanks to Tsubasa.


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