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Diet Noom

1NEWS – Maybe some of you have never heard of a weight loss program, the noom diet or noom’s healthy weight program. If a diet usually focuses on reducing calories, sugar, or fat, this is not the case with the Noom diet. This diet actually uses special technology that will help change eating habits.

Quoted from the page helloHEALTHThe Noom Diet or Noom’s Healthy Weight Program is a diet program that focuses on behavioral psychology. The program claims that behavioral changes not only help you lose weight, but also keep it off in the long run.

Through the application of the same name, Noom diet helps its users to lose weight, maintain fitness, and maintain health. Of course, everyone will get a different diet and fitness program, tailored to their conditions and needs.

Armed with the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this diet program will train you to live a healthier lifestyle. Instead of pursuing instant results, the Noom diet encourages users to understand the importance of meeting nutritional needs and physical activity. During 16 weeks of dieting, you will learn to make better food choices.

Noom diet guide

To get started, you need to download the Noom diet app and enter data including your height, weight, age, gender, general health, and desired ideal weight. You’ll also answer questions about your lifestyle, eating habits, physical activity, and how fast you want to lose weight.

Then, you will be given food recommendations and directed to an instructor. The Noom Diet recommends increasing your intake of natural weight loss foods. These foods also give you energy and feel full without contributing a lot of calories.

This diet program classifies foods into green, yellow, and red categories based on their nutritional density. Your daily intake should consist of 30% green food, 45% yellow food, and 25% red food. The food categories on the Noom diet are as follows;

Green labeled food

This food group contains the most nutrients and the least calories. Examples include vegetables, fruits, egg whites, whole grains, and nonfat dairy products.

Food labeled red

This food group contains the fewest nutrients and the most calories, such as various types of oil, nuts and jams, red meat, full-fat milk, burgers, french fries, cakes, and pizza.

Yellow label food

The nutritional content of food is in the middle between green and red labeled foods, such as avocado, fish, tofu, eggs, tempeh, low-fat meat, and low-fat milk.

In addition, the Noom diet also encourages users to consume nutrient-dense superfoods. Foods that include superfoods include sweet potatoes, spinach, blueberries, chia seeds, flaxseeds, and quinoa.

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