Listening to the voices of people taking a shower after the morning prayer, the congregation of the prayer room was shocked to find out that this…

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Who is bathing in the women’s bathroom? After some time there was a scream for help from there. What’s really going on?

Listening to the voices of people taking a shower after the morning prayer, the congregation of the prayer room was shocked to find out that this…

The SAS Mukhlisin Mosque, Kampungbaru, Solok, West Sumatra, suddenly became crowded after the morning prayer last Friday (14/7). This is because a young couple with the initials YS, 19 and RH, 19, are suspected of having done something inappropriate in the Garin or Marbot musala room. The two teenagers were registered as students of one of the public high schools in Solok City.

Solok Satpol PP investigator, Jamalus, revealed that at around 08.00, Satpol PP officers saw a woman running from Tanjungpaku to the angkot terminal quickly.

The woman’s face was pale. Seeing the woman’s condition, the Satpol PP officers immediately secured her to the Satpol PP office on Jalan Syech Kukut, Tanjungpaku.

When the investigation was carried out, the woman identified as YS, 19, still looked shocked. He recounted, Thursday (13/7) night, he went for a walk with his girlfriend RH, 19. Reported from the Planet Merdeka page.

During the trip, there was a fight. YS chose to end their love relationship. Not accepting the decision, RH tried to persuade YS to return. YS’s heart finally softened and was willing to resume their love relationship.

The two then continued on their way. Without realizing it, the night was getting late. YS asked RH to take him back to his boarding house at Simpang Rumbio. Since it was late, RH persuaded YS to stay in Garin’s room at the Mukhlisin SAS Mosque, Solok. Because RH is one of the garin in the mosque.

YS sleeps on the bed, while RH sleeps with the mat under it. When he woke up from his sleep, suddenly RH was sleeping beside YS, hugging him. YS woke RH and asked RH to move to his bed.

RH did not want to move to his original bed, and instead persuaded YS to have an illegal relationship with the sentence that he would be responsible for his actions.

YS, who was tempted by the lure of RH, finally wanted to do the forbidden thing. Exactly at 04.45, RH took a shower first and prepared for the Fajr prayer. After performing the Fajr prayer in congregation, the congregation returned to their respective homes.

Now, when he was about to leave the prayer room, one of the worshipers who still wanted to relax in the prayer room became suspicious, because he heard the sound of people taking a bath in the women’s bathroom. Then the congregation asked RH, who bathed in the women’s bathroom.

At first, RH reasoned that it was his male friend who took the bath. Curious, the congregation again asked RH the same question. Finally RH admitted he had made a mistake, then fled on a motorcycle. Before running away, he locked his room and the prayer room bathroom.

YS, who realized that he was locked in the bathroom, shouted for help to open the door. Local residents who heard the screams immediately went to the prayer room and asked what happened.

Residents broke into the prayer room bathroom and found a woman who had just finished taking a bath. Curious residents also broke into RH’s room and found YS’ underwear in the room. YS, who was surprised to see many residents in front of the prayer room, immediately put on their clothes, and after that immediately ran from Tanjungpaku to the Solok angkot terminal.

Listening to the voices of people taking a shower after the morning prayer, the congregation of the prayer room was shocked to find out that this…

“We have listened to YS’ explanation and now hand it over to YS and RH’s parents who are both from Batudalam, Bukiksileh. If it can be resolved amicably, it will be better,” said Jamalus.

RH’s family has confirmed it through the local RT, and RH’s family has agreed to settle it amicably. RH will marry YS.

“But for the women, we have not received confirmation, because we have been contacted by cell phone repeatedly, there has been no answer,” he said.

Solok’s Head of Police, Bujang Putra, acknowledged the incident. According to Bujang, his party will hand it over to the families of both parties.

“I have also heard from the local RT that RH’s family will marry her off,” he said while saying that if both parties wanted to take legal action, it would be resolved through legal channels.


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