Marlina only has a debt of Rp. 15 million for her children’s schooling, Mansyardin doesn’t want to pay a penny

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Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik's father, photo: Youtube

Chaos between Mansyardin Malik and his wife, Marlina Oktoria, continues. This time, Marlina denied that she only wanted social assistance and pursued wealth. According to Marlina, the figure of Mansyardin Malik is nobody.

“So what is Social Security for? Who is he, right?” he told the media crew on Tuesday (14/09/21).

Not only that, Marlina also said openly to Mansyardin before getting married that she already had 3 children. He admitted that he had a debt of IDR 15 million for his children’s school fees. Because of the debt that Mansyardin never paid, Marlina also lowered the nominal he asked for to Rp9 million.

Marlina, the wife of Taqy Malik’s father, photo: Youtube

“I mean I’m not lying if I have children. Would you not accept it? Until I think, do I want to?… I have a school debt for my children that I need to settle for around Rp. 15 million. With one him, can’t you? In the end I asked for 9 (million).”

Because of this, Marlina admitted that she had to rent out the house she lived in to meet the needs of her children.

“That’s why many people say in the media that I worship wealth, I have to rent my house to pay for my children’s living expenses. So if you say I’m after treasure, what kind of treasure does he have? From 15 million to 9 million he doesn’t want to pay.”

Also present to accompany Marlina Oktoria, Sunan Kalijaga said that Mansyardin had to fulfill his wife’s needs. Especially knowing the status of Marlina who already has 3 children.

Taqy Malik and his father photo: Special
Taqy Malik and his father photo: Special

“Regarding the other side, it was stated that this mother had a lot of debt. That’s my question, the person whose name is marrying someone is of course with one advantage and disadvantage. Is that so? This mother also has 3 children. Of course, she already knows that the life of a woman and her 3 children certainly costs money,” said Sunan Kalijaga.

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