Nagita Slavina’s Nagita Slavina and Raffi Ahmad’s Caregivers Reveal the Good and Bad Traits | 1NEWS

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Nagita Slavina’s kindness

Meanwhile, in Lala’s eyes, Nagita is considered a good woman, like Raffi Ahmad.

“Father and mother are good people. Mr. Raffi, Mrs. Gigi, thank God, he doesn’t look at his subordinates anywhere,” said Lala.

According to Lala, evidence that the two employers do not discriminate against subordinate employees is visible whenever Raffi and Nagita invite their employees to eat together at a restaurant.

Nagita with Rafathar and Lala© Nagita with Rafathar and Lala

Photo : @shela_lala96

Raffi and Gigi ate the same food as served to their employees. In fact, both of them often tell their employees to try the expensive foods in the restaurant.

“If, for example, you eat small things, you want to eat at a restaurant as expensive as any, you want a piece of meat for Rp. 500, that’s roughly the same thing. The meaning is not different. You want it to be a driver, you want it to take care of your child, aide, other people are the same,” said Lala. .

“Do we want to add in expensive places or not. If we are not asked to add more, we are even told to try expensive foods,” he added.

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