Now Successful, Take a Look at 10 Luxurious Photos of Komar Preman’s Retirement House | 1NEWS

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Dream – Fans of the soap opera ‘Preman Pensiun’ are certainly no stranger to the character Kang Komar, played by Mat Drajat. The man who was born in Banten, June 15, 1969, captured attention through his acting as a market thug. The funny thing is, the guts of this long-haired man shrank when he faced his wife.

In line with the success of this series, Mat Djarat’s name became big and famous everywhere. In fact, this man who was once a paid spectator has been able to build his dream house.

Rarely in the public eye, the house in the Bandung area looks so big and luxurious. Curious what the portrait looks like? Check out the following!

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