Opponent Persib Opportunity to Be Eber Bessa’s Debut for Bali United

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1NEWS, Brazilian player, Eber Bessa, is reported to have landed in Indonesia. Thus, Eber has the opportunity to defend Bali United against Persib Bandung in the third week of the 2021-2022 Indonesian League 1, Saturday (18/9).

Eber is a midfielder. He was recruited by Bali United to fill the foreign player slot previously occupied by Diego Assis Figueiredo.

Eber Bessa has the potential to make his debut this week. Apparently, the former colleagues of Solomon Kalou and Keisuke Honda in the Brazilian Botafogo team have landed in Indonesia.

“Eber has arrived in Indonesia for a few days. Currently he is still undergoing quarantine at the hotel,” said Bali United coach, Stefano Cugurra Teco, Tuesday (14/09/21) afternoon.

Eber Bessa has a great opportunity to make his debut this week because he has been vaccinated against Covid-19 in Brazil. Vaccination is an absolute requirement for players to be able to play in League 1.

This is in addition to an independent program that has been run by Eber Bessa in Brazil. A dropout from the Cruzeiro youth team received a special program from the coaching team to improve his fitness.

The Front Line Is Getting Fierce

Teco said the determination of the main team against Persib Bandung still had to go through the training stages.

Besides Eber Bessa, Bali United also monitored Ricky Fajrin, M Rahmat and Stefano Lilipaly.

“We have to see everything in practice first, then we can put it in the match,” said Teco. The presence of Eber Bessa could make Bali United’s front sector even more fierce. For several years in the Portuguese League 1, Eber Bessa was known as a sharp midfielder and could spoil the attackers. In addition, Eber Bessa has the ability as a set-piece executioner. Some of the goals he scored in the Portuguese League were direct free kicks.[]


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