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Make a commotion, Salmon Sashimi Menu Dipped in Coffee

Dream – Salmon sashimi rich in fat that is sliced ​​neatly is always tempting. Usually, this fat salmon is served at sushi shops or Japanese restaurants, and as an accompaniment there is soy sauce or soy sauce and wasabi.

How about some coffee-dipped salmon sashimi? Possible Dream Friends can’t imagine the taste. A post on Kia!, a Malaysia-based food portal, caused quite a stir.

Because when reviewing the Top Catch Fisheries shop, Kia! shows a photo of raw, fat salmon getting ready to dip in coffee. This suddenly made the citizens of the commotion

Can’t imagine the taste of salmon when dipped in coffee. “We bought a box of salmon slices for RM27, which contained more than 15 thick cut slices. Those who like salmon can take it home to eat, or can sit outside the shop like this, have a cup of coffee-0 and breakfast is done,” write a description of the photo.

Surprised comments appeared. Like account @jeffxxx, who commented “We have to report this to the police, a crime” . There is also an account @therexxx who commented, I don’t know what’s on his mind.”

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