Sow Salt is Just a Myth, 6 Ways to Prevent Snakes From Entering Your Home and This Page Just Works

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Who doesn’t shudder when their house or residence is visited by wild snakes? Maybe the snake is not venomous or does not bother the occupants of the house, but still, snakes are considered a dangerous animal by most people. Snakes live in the wild, such as in yards or near rivers, but under certain conditions, snakes may come into the house looking for shade, prey, or even accidentally stray.

For the convenience of you and your family, especially if your house is near a yard, garden, forest or river, apply these ways to prevent snakes from entering your house and yard!

1. Make sure the house is always clean, tidy and tidy from piles of stones, wood, or used goods

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Snakes like cold and damp conditions such as in a shady pile of stones, or a pile of wood and used goods that may be in your home. Make sure your house is always clean from garbage, make the environment always dry. Get rid of unused items to minimize piles that can become targets for wild snakes to rest, especially those in the corners of the house.

2. Cover all holes and gaps in the house such as drains or the roof of the house that can be access for snakes

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Holes and crevices are the paths that snakes really like because of their flexible body. Make sure to cover all holes or gaps in the walls or floor of your house. Such as closing the drains with a filter or patching the cracks of a damaged house so that snakes cannot enter the house.

3. Prune any shrubs, tall grass, or thick leaves from plants in the garden

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If you have a yard, be sure to always trim any tall or clustered plants to prevent snakes from hiding there. Places such as shrubs, tall grass, or thick, clustered leaves are very favored by snakes. So, always trim so that every slit can still be seen by the eye.

4. Also fix the mouse problem in your house because it can be the reason that invites the arrival of wild snakes

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Rats that often roam in the house also often invite snakes to stop by to hunt them. It’s hard to keep rats from roaming around your house, but you can work on it by keeping your house clean, closing holes and crevices, and setting traps frequently to reduce the rat population. If your house is clean from rats, even snakes are reluctant to enter.

5. Install a fence around the house as a line of defense

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Installing a fence is also one way to prevent snakes from entering the house, especially if you have a yard that is overgrown with plants. Use a tightly closed fence with no gaps at the bottom to prevent snakes from getting in.

6, Sprinkling salt and antiseptic liquid to prevent the arrival of snakes is a myth. Use a garlic scent or liquid that snakes don’t like

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Snakes are very sensitive and do not like strong smells. Its tongue which also functions as a sensor will perceive a strong odor as a predator. Always use room deodorizer to prevent snakes from coming. Or, you can also spray garlic extract around the house whose pungent smell can keep snakes away.

Snakes can be calm and harmless animals, but they can also become very dangerous when they feel threatened or disturbed. So, never try to handle a snake yourself if you find one in or around the house. Don’t also kill it because basically snakes can also protect the environmental ecosystem. If possible, enlist the help of an adult who can handle snakes professionally, yes!

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