Suri role model, husband rations 20 thousand for shopping a week, this woman does not run out of ideas and remains grateful

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It has become a culture that the husband provides for his wife at home.

Yes, it is for daily needs, one of which is to cook food. But, if given

Rp. 20 thousand for a week, how are you?

Apparently, this woman felt it. She was only allotted Rp. 20 thousand by her husband for one week.

However, that didn’t stop him from complaining. He remains grateful and does not lose his mind. Rp. 20 thousand he was enough to eat for a week.

Finally, he also made various variations of tempe. Starting from Monday to Sunday; regular fried tempeh, flour tempeh, crispy fried tempeh, mendoan tempeh, bacem tempeh, pecel tempeh to orek tempeh.

Wow, that’s really cool! Do you guys with Rp 20k not enough to eat for a week?



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