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Married to a partner who lives in the same country, is common. However, when someone decides to marry a partner from a different country, it will definitely make a scene, because usually there is a unique and interesting story behind marriages between these countries.

However, no one knows the name of mate. We also can not choose and determine his own mate. Everything is God’s secret. Like the love story of this one interstate couple, it will definitely make you smile to yourself.

The beginning of the meeting on a website

The couple named Hermawan from Indonesia and Mariya from Russia. The two met on November 21, 2012 through a website to learn English. Mariya wants to learn English more fluently through the website.

Hermawan and Mariya’s love story started from the website [sumber gambar]

Meanwhile, Hermawan admitted that he wanted to be good at English and at the same time get to know the outside world more broadly. Hermawan also wants to increase his friends and relations, not only from Indonesia, but also from abroad, so he can know what life is like abroad.

Hermawanchat first

At that time Mariya was 16 years old, while Hermawan himself was 22 years old. Both of them are quite intense in learning English on the website. Interestingly, the website has features chat which can be used by users to communicate with each other.

Hermawan started chatting Mariya through the website [sumber gambar]

One day, Hermawan ventured to send a message to Mariya first. In his message, Hermawan asked Mariya how she was in English. “How are you?”. Until finally they both send messages to each other via the feature chat the.

Swap WhatsApp number

To make communication easier, Hermawan ventured to ask Mariya for a WA number through the feature chat on the website. Even though she was hesitant at first, Mariya still gave Hermawan her cellphone number. Mariya actually doesn’t like giving out cell phone numbers to men. However, on the advice of a friend, Mariya also gave Hermawan’s WA number.

The two exchanged WA numbers [sumber gambar]

Communication is much more intense through WA, both of them regularly ask each other how they are. In addition, they are diligent in sending photos during their daily activities. So they trust each other.

LDR for 5 years

Maybe the name is a mate, yes, they both had LDR for 5 years. Initially on January 10, 2013, Mariya decided to study at one of the universities in Russia. He was in LDR for 3 years. However, after finishing college, Mariya went to Indonesia to meet Hermawan on July 16, 2013.

Hermawan and Mariya had LDR for 5 years [sumber gambar]

After meeting Hermawan, Mariya returned to Russia and continued her studies for 2 years. After completing her studies, Mariya flew to Indonesia again to marry Hermawan. Both can establish a long-distance relationship on the basis of mutual trust and commitment to each other.

Mariya chooses to live in Indonesia

In one of his video uploads on channel Her YouTube channel, Mariya, revealed the reason why she decided to stay in Indonesia alone. Though they could both live and live in Russia.

Mariya and Hermawan while visiting the Sentul area, Bogor [sumber gambar]

Mariya explained that she was following her husband who was working in Indonesia. In addition, the Indonesian people are very friendly and smiley to anyone, including foreigners. He also likes Indonesian cuisine, which is diverse and affordable. Indonesian people are also very concerned about ethnic, religious, and linguistic differences.

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Jodoh is not going anywhere. Even if you are in a long-distance relationship for a long time, if you are already a mate, you will definitely meet. As experienced by Hermawan Karyadi and Mariya Karyadi. Are you interested in following in their footsteps?

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