The story of a sad mother sleeping on the grave of her daughter who became a hit and run victim

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Nothing can match the love of a mother for her child. For 9 months mothers are pregnant and take care of their baby until they grow up with all their heart.

So who is not sad when a loved child has to “go” forever. Certainly not an easy thing to accept for any mother. This was felt by a mother from Mlaten Village, Mijen District, Demak, Central Java. He had to accept the harsh reality that his beloved daughter died in an accident.

Not accepting the departure of the baby, he was even willing to sleep in his daughter’s grave. In the photo uploaded to Yuni Rusmini’s Facebook account, the mother appears to be sleeping on the tomb whose soil has not yet dried.

“The biological mother of an elementary school girl who was the victim of a hit and run while riding a ride yesterday has come to this. Sleeping on his son’s grave,” the post reads.

Based on the information in the upload, it turns out that the mother’s child had an accident while going to watch a dangdut concert with his friend. The accident occurred in front of the elephant mosque, near the elephant market, Jalan Gajah, Kudus.

The upload then became the public spotlight and many netizens felt concerned about the mother’s condition. Not a few also prayed for the mother to be given fortitude after the departure of the child.

Teguh Setio Utomo: Be concerned, may God give you strength and fortitude, amen.

Aden Bu: I feel sorry for her son, no matter how sad he is, give it up for the peace of his soul.

Zubir Doan: Those who leave will not come back, may the child go to heaven and the mother will be given courage, let’s send a prayer for the child… This is a lesson to always watch over your child so you don’t go on a motorbike if it’s not yet time…

Sri M Zulfikar: Mother’s love is forever, even when her child is gone, she sleeps beside her grave without fear, may she be given courage and can continue to live without her beloved child.

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