The Story of Pilu’s Orphans Evicted to Forced to Live in Gubuk Bolong

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Fridayul Akbar had to live the bitterness of life at a very young age, which was 11 years old. As soon as his father died of chronic stomach ulcers, one of the deceased’s relatives took the house forcibly and immediately kicked out Akbar, his mother and two young siblings.

Akbar’s story is contained in the page of a national social institution, Rumah It is said that Akbar and his family had been homeless and did not know where to take shelter.

During his life, Akbar’s father worked odd jobs. Even more are unemployed because of the lack of education supplies and do not have other work skills other than relying on energy.

“Akbar’s father is often unemployed, odd jobs sometimes do not meet the needs of Akbar’s family,” the page said, Tuesday (9/3/2021).

1. Akbar and his family live in the garden owner’s hut

In the midst of confusion, Akbar’s mother finally decided to return to Akbar’s grandmother’s house so that her three orphans were not abandoned on the streets.

Akbar’s grandmother’s house is located right at the foot of Sekotong Hill, Lombok. Akbar’s grandmother’s house is not his own house, but the house of the garden owner who employs his grandmother to take care of the garden.

2. Often Akbar and his two younger siblings sleep in cold conditions

This 3×4 meter house is more worthy of being called a hut. The walls are made of makeshift bamboo booths, the roof is only covered with tarpaulin which has begun to perforate.

Not infrequently Akbar and his two younger siblings sleep in cold conditions and when it rains their bodies get soaked.

“It’s far from being livable, it’s not an easy matter for Akbar himself to be separated from his family,” wrote Rumah Yatim.

3. Akbar’s mother is a tough woman

For Akbar, the figure of his mother is truly a formidable mother. In addition to his two younger siblings, Akbar’s mother has to bear the cost of living for her grandmother who is often sickly. All work is done by his mother. Starting from being a housemaid, to being a construction worker and even being a stone crusher like a man.

While working as a stone crusher, Akbar’s mother had to use a large hammer that weighed 5 to 7 kilograms.

4. Akbar aspires to become a great scholar

Again the test came back to befall Akbar and his family. The owner of the garden expelled Akbar’s grandmother because Akbar’s grandmother could no longer work. In a confused state where else to take shelter, there is a kind neighbor who offers a place to live for Akbar, his mother, two younger siblings and his grandmother.

It’s hard for Akbar to go through life’s conflicts. Children of Akbar’s age, must spend good times playing with friends. For Akbar, there is something more important than just fulfilling his heart’s pleasure.

Akbar really wants to help his mother work. Akbar also wants to pursue his dream of becoming a great scholar and memorizing 30 Juz of the Quran.

Now Akbar lives in the Mataram Dormitory. He wanted to lighten his mother’s burden and pursue his dream of becoming a scholar. Even though it was hard to be separated from his mother, siblings and grandmother. Akbar always thinks about the fate of his mother, sister and grandmother, worried if suddenly they have to move again.


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