There are at the pharmacy, 4 choices of drugs to treat gums…

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1NEWS – Not only does it make your mouth feel sore, you also find it difficult to eat and drink because your gums are swollen.

So, what are the drugs at the pharmacy that are effective to relieve pain due to swollen gums?


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Paracetamol is very easy to find in food stalls, drug stores, pharmacies, to supermarkets without a doctor’s prescription.

This drug is also safe to use by all groups, from babies over 2 months, pregnant and lactating women, to the elderly in overcoming pain due to swollen gums.

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Ibuprofen is as effective as paracetamol as a pain reliever when the gums are swollen.

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The difference is, ibuprofen at the same time relieves inflammation that causes swelling and fever that accompanies it.

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