These 3 Ornamental Plants Are Suitable for Home…

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1NEWS – The concept of a minimalist house is currently widely found in big cities in Indonesia.

The lack of land and the high price of land make minimalist designs much in demand.

Then, what if you want to put ornamental plants as decorative elements in a minimalist home?

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Related to this, the ornamental plant and fertilizer trader Muhammad Yusuf revealed ornamental plants that are suitable for minimalist homes.

“First, ivory betel is very suitable. Not only good, but also able to survive in a room with little light,” said Yusuf to 1NEWS, Tuesday (14/9).

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The next plant that is suitable for a minimalist home is monstera deliciosa.

Yusuf said, the uniqueness and beauty of this monstera leaf can make the room look elegant.

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“Monstera could be the right choice. However, the price of this plant is quite expensive,” said Yusuf.

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